Concrete Fire Pit

We create special recipients according to your design for fireplaces in outdoor ambients. Fireplaces Outdoor.

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We make zen pieces with natural surface specific for internal and external gardens, spheres zen, cups, big cups for fireplacess, tables, fireplaces, decorative plant pots, special projects on demand, mural art, decorations, house, home, shop, hotel, showrooms. We deliver all over Europe. | Spain | Germany | We build special designs adapted to the decoration space. Chimneys for outdoor use in concrete, to lighten and warm spaces in cold climate to make them useful the year round.

Outdoor concrete Fireplace

We create cups and bath tables in decorative outfit with natural surfaces.


We fabricate according to your specifications and with rustic surfaces, chimneys for exterior, firepits, bath tables all sizes and makes. Stone look - shipment to any place in Europe. Any item.

Concrete Fireplace

Manufacturer of Cups and Items Zen in Cement.


In our workshop we create products for zen decorations, finish in stone imitation, especially according the requirements of our customers. We build any size and make and ship all over Europe.

Concrete Fire Pit

Garden Chimneys.


Portable Chimneys. Fuel wood, carbon, great variety in design, eco design, biotenol, alcohol, gas, size and shape according to customer spezification, and available spaces.

Fire Pit

Fireplace for the Garden


We build according to requirements | chimneys in all sizes and shapes for spaces indoor and outdoor | special surfaces stone imitation customere specific.

outdoor concrete centerpiece

Garden Chimneys


We are specialists in garden chimneys | stone imitation surface | light transport weight | easy to handle | client specification | shipment all over Europe.